Optical, Infrared and Radio Astronomy
From Techniques to Observation

Edición 2017
Autor: R. Poggiani
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High Energy Astrophysical Techniques
Edición 2017
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Observational Astrophysics
3ra Edición - 2012
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To Measure the Sky:
An Introduction to Observational Astronomy

1ra Edición - 2010
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Observational Astronomy
2da Edición - 2006
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Astronomy Methods:
A Physical Approach to Astronomical Observations

1ra Edición - 2004
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Measuring the Universe
A Multiwavelength Perspective

1ra Edición - 2012
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Astrophysical Techniques
6ta Edición - 2014
Autor: C R Kitchin
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Astronomical Measurement
A Concise Guide

1ra Edición - 2014
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Planets, Stars and Stellar Systems - Volume 2
Astronomical Techniques, Software and Data

Edición - 2013
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Electronic Imaging in Astronomy:
Detectors and Instrumentation

2da Edición - 2008
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Observing Photons in Space
A Gude to Experimental Space Astronomy

2da Edición - 2013
Editores: M.C.E. Huber, A. Pauluhn, J. Len Culhane,
J. G. Timothy, K. Wilhelm, A. Zehnder
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An Introduction to Observational Astrophysics
Edición - 2016
Autores: Gallaway, Mark
Editorial: Springer